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Category Management: An Opportunity To Become More Strategic In Your Retail Business

Category ManagementCategory Management has evolved significantly over the past 30 years, and retail Category Managers have also evolved since their titles changed from “Buyers” to “Category Managers” in the 80’s (or have they?).

For most retail organizations, buying used to be done by vendor instead of by category – in fact, there are still some retailers in North America who continue to purchase by vendor.
Data – particularly retailer point of sale data, loyalty data and inventory data – is available at a much more finite level. …

Collaborative Selling Goes Beyond Category Management Foundations

Traditional SalesThis is part 3 in the sales-focused portion of my category management blog – which talks about moving to the top-end tier of selling – or “Collaborative Selling”.  If you haven’t noticed, the traditional approach isn’t working anymore.  The world of business has been evolving and changing over the last 50 years, and continues to change dramatically and rapidly. Competition has increased and become more aggressive. Supplier products are more difficult to sell than in the past. It has become a challenge …

Category Management Knowledge Group Launches New Blog

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CMKG New Blog Launched – Dec 20, 2011

Category Management Knowledge Group (CMKG) is committed to developing individuals in category management.   We are not only known for creating industry-leading category management content, but for being the first training firm accredited by the Category Management Association, the first provider of retailer-focused certified content, and the first trainers to become Certified Professional Strategic Advisors.  We are also actively involved in our “Category Management Learning Forum” on LinkedIn, which has over 1,500 category management professional members. 

In 2012, we are going …