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Category Management First, Collaboration Second (Part 2!)

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by Sue Nicholls, Category Management Knowledge Group

My last blog posting, which was written based on a free live webinar (“8 Essentials to Know About the Category Management Foundations”) that I facilitated the week before, has been incredibly popular with our network.  In net, as the industry tries to move forward with more collaborative efforts between retailers & suppliers, they need to make sure they have solid foundations in place.  And many of these foundations directly relate to category management strategy and capabilities within your organization.  Without these foundations, your collaborative efforts are going to be …

Category Management Foundations First; Collaboration Second

Collaboration is one of the buzzwords of 2014.  If your organization has “collaboration” as one of its key focus areas this year, you should ensure your category management foundations are right first.  In this blog, I’ve put together eight “essentials” required for more strategic category management.  These category management essentials will help create a platform from which collaboration will be much more achievable between retailers and suppliers.
1.  Know the Retailer’s Strategies:
The Retailer Strategy is an umbrella that drives all the different components of …

5 Requirements for Compelling, Fact-Based Presentations

“Knowing how to deliver a good presentation is an important skill for everyone, whether they’re still students or the leaders of an organization. The knowledge that an individual possesses doesn’t make a difference if they don’t know how to convey those thoughts concisely.”  (The Globe & Mail (July 2013))

“Every presenter has the potential to be great; every presentation is high stakes; and every audience deserves the absolute best.” (Nancy Duarte, Slideology)

I couldn’t agree more with both of the statements above – developing and delivering compelling presentations are a necessary skill for everyone in business, and represents an opportunity in …

Collaborative Selling Goes Beyond Category Management Foundations

Traditional SalesThis is part 3 in the sales-focused portion of my category management blog – which talks about moving to the top-end tier of selling – or “Collaborative Selling”.  If you haven’t noticed, the traditional approach isn’t working anymore.  The world of business has been evolving and changing over the last 50 years, and continues to change dramatically and rapidly. Competition has increased and become more aggressive. Supplier products are more difficult to sell than in the past. It has become a challenge …

Fact-Based Selling: The Starting Point for Joint Business Planning

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Joint Business PlanningIn last week’s blog, I talked about the need for successful sales teams to move to a more strategic and fact-based approach to their business, both to uncover development opportunities as well as combat potential weaknesses through joint business planning (JBP).  I also provided a link to our downloadable “Collaborative Relationship Continuum” model, which helps sales organizations to define their current situation with key retailers, including the tier at which they are …