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Category Management First, Collaboration Second (Part 2!)

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by Sue Nicholls, Category Management Knowledge Group

My last blog posting, which was written based on a free live webinar (“8 Essentials to Know About the Category Management Foundations”) that I facilitated the week before, has been incredibly popular with our network.  In net, as the industry tries to move forward with more collaborative efforts between retailers & suppliers, they need to make sure they have solid foundations in place.  And many of these foundations directly relate to category management strategy and capabilities within your organization.  Without these foundations, your collaborative efforts are going to be …

5 Category Management Barriers to Collaboration For Retailers /Suppliers

by Michelle Patterson, Director of Training & Development, Category Management Knowledge Group

I’ve been asked a number of times this year for my “Insider Perspective” on the challenges facing retailers and manufacturers in their attempt to move to a more collaborative approach in their business.  More specifically, I’ve been asked for examples on how to overcome those barriers through capability development.   There are many great studies and papers available on the topic, most of which I’ve read, in areas like  Big Data, Retailer-Supplier Collaboration, and Shopper Insights, but the industry is crying for examples….