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Category Management Knowledge Group’s blog is moving!

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As a subscriber to our Category Management blog (which has >10,000 subscribers!), I’d like to invite you to our new Category Management Blog that will replace our existing blog in the upcoming months.  You need to subscribe yourself to the new blog using the following instructions.

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Category Management Training Partners: Choosing the Right One

Many individuals who are tasked with the responsibility of researching category management training companies and their offerings, or even making the training purchase for a team or organization, are new to the task. It’s not a task to be taken lightly, nor a decision that should be made without some careful considerations.  Based on this, I’ve compiled some ideas that you should take into consideration if you are tasked with this important responsibility.  If you haven’t gone down the path of purchasing training, I hope that you will find this blog useful.
1.  Training …

Category Management: Planograms Aren’t Just Pretty Pictures

Category Management TrainingThe consumer packaged goods industry invests billions of dollars every year in effective sales, marketing and supply chain support for retail.  These investments focus primarily on things like  consumer advertising, marketing new products, distribution, data systems and technology, market research, and so on.  Space management determines how all of these other investments come together at the shelf  – where shoppers meet products “face to face” and most …