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Category Management Training: What Drives “Value” in Training?

by Michelle Patterson, Category Management Knowledge GroupCategory Management Value

“Value” has many definitions and interpretations – the Merriam Webster and Oxford dictionaries give eight!  It’s no surprise then that when asked to articulate the value of something in business, the results can vary dramatically.  The concept of “value” has been a hot topic in the industry as it relates to consumer-perceived value, and for us lately here at Category Management Knowledge Group, as it relates to evaluating the value of …

Strategic Selling Starts With Understanding Data and Analytics

Selling Using Category ManagementThis week, I will give suggestions on ways to help move your sales team from a “Fact-Based Selling Approach”, to a more “Strategic Selling Approach” (last week’s blog talked about moving to a Fact-Based Selling approach through the category management foundations).  Successful sales teams need to move to a more strategic and fact-based approach to their business, both to uncover development opportunities as well as to become more strategic in joint business planning …

Private Label Resources (Links & Whitepapers)

Here are someuseful links and articles on Private Label that I found interesting.  Please let me know if you have any others you’d like me to share.  I’ll try to keep this updated.


Private Label in Europe:  Current & Emerging Trends (IRI)
Private Label: Brand Positioning In the New World Order (IRI)

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