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Category Management: An Opportunity To Become More Strategic In Your Retail Business

Category ManagementCategory Management has evolved significantly over the past 30 years, and retail Category Managers have also evolved since their titles changed from “Buyers” to “Category Managers” in the 80’s (or have they?).

For most retail organizations, buying used to be done by vendor instead of by category – in fact, there are still some retailers in North America who continue to purchase by vendor.
Data – particularly retailer point of sale data, loyalty data and inventory data – is available at a much more finite level. …

Category Management Series Tip #4: Private Label National Brand Competitive Strategies

For the last 3 weeks, I’ve focused my tips on a retailer perspective as it relates to Private Label.  This week, my focus is on National Brand suppliers.  If you are a National Brand supplier in a category that is highly developed in Private Label, or one where Private Label is growing significantly, don’t think that it’s not a potential threat for your National Brand(s). 

You should proactively assess your key retailer’s private label brand results as part of your regular category reviews, at a level that goes beyond a “Total Control Label” sales and share result …

Category Management Series Tip #3: Private Label Health Assessment

January and February tend to be my least favorite months (remember, I live in Canada)!  It’s cold, we don’t get as much daylight, and when it’s -30 degrees outside, there’s not a lot of outdoor activities and fresh air.  Oh, to be in Hawaii or the Caribbean right now!

Last week I covered how to assess Private Label performance in a category vs National Brands and vs retail competition.  I also reviewed some ways for retailers to identify who their real brand competition is at a category level, instead of thinking that all National Brands should be treated as equal competition …

Category Management Series Tip #2: Private Label Data & Analytics

I’m having to get used to the cold again for the first time this winter because temperatures have plummeted!  Even though Calgary (Canada) is notorious for cold weather, it’s been pretty mild (10-15°C) and we’ve had no snow for a month.

Last week’s category management tip was on Private Label Essentials.  This week’s tip gives examples of some of the ways that you can start to analyze Private Label for a Retailer compared to the market and the rest of the category.  This is important for Retailers to understand, so they can be more strategic with their Private Label brands at …

January’s “Category Management Series” Tips Topic: PRIVATE LABEL

There’s been so much press and news about Private Label recently, I thought it would be a great way to start 2012, as our January topic.  The Private Label brand story around the globe is really quite incredible. I remember back in my P&G days (1990’s), because of our premium brand positioning, we really could “ignore” the relatively small Private Label brand in the categories in which we competed. Back then, Private Label was primarily a low-quality, low-cost product offering that gave consumers a cheap option to national brands – and you’d never …

Category Management Series Tip #1: Private Label Essentials

This week’s “Category Management Series Tip” is about the essentials you need to know and understand about Private Label.


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Private Label Resources (Links & Whitepapers)

Here are someuseful links and articles on Private Label that I found interesting.  Please let me know if you have any others you’d like me to share.  I’ll try to keep this updated.


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