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Category Management Training: Increase ROI on Your Data Investment

by Sue Nicholls, Category Management Knowledge Group


Many organizations spend many millions of dollars on providing data and data access to their organization.  The purchase results in a data-rich organization.  The problem is that, for many organizations, they are not getting the expected return on investment, with low data usage across the organization.  This is because data is just data – it doesn’t build capability on its own.  This blog posting will talk about the 4 requirements to maximize your data investment, for both …

5 Category Management Barriers to Collaboration For Retailers /Suppliers

by Michelle Patterson, Director of Training & Development, Category Management Knowledge Group

I’ve been asked a number of times this year for my “Insider Perspective” on the challenges facing retailers and manufacturers in their attempt to move to a more collaborative approach in their business.  More specifically, I’ve been asked for examples on how to overcome those barriers through capability development.   There are many great studies and papers available on the topic, most of which I’ve read, in areas like  Big Data, Retailer-Supplier Collaboration, and Shopper Insights, but the industry is crying for examples….

Category Management: Addressing data gaps in a limited data environment

Category Management on Limited DataIn category management, data is one of the key requirements (some other requirements are organizational alignment, collaborative mindset and technical tools/automation).  In today’s world, as manufacturers, retailers, brokers and consultants, we are bombarded with new and different data sources all of the time.  But ironically, at the same time, most organizations find themselves in one – or possibly many – “data-poor” scenarios.  In scenarios where there is limited data, some of the …