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Measuring Value Delivery from Procurement and Category Management

We have a guest blogger in today’s post.  Allison Ford-Langstaff works for Future Purchasing, a leading UK based procurement consultancy that focus on Category Management transformation. Future Purchasing have worked with many large organizations in the UK and Northern Europe including Diageo, Vodafone, Barclays, Nestlé and Novo Nordisk.


Catgory Management ValueCategory Management is important and should be a key business priority but whether Category Management is new to an organization or is already established, it can only ever …

5 Requirements for Compelling, Fact-Based Presentations

“Knowing how to deliver a good presentation is an important skill for everyone, whether they’re still students or the leaders of an organization. The knowledge that an individual possesses doesn’t make a difference if they don’t know how to convey those thoughts concisely.”  (The Globe & Mail (July 2013))

“Every presenter has the potential to be great; every presentation is high stakes; and every audience deserves the absolute best.” (Nancy Duarte, Slideology)

I couldn’t agree more with both of the statements above – developing and delivering compelling presentations are a necessary skill for everyone in business, and represents an opportunity in …

Category Management Presentations: Merging Art & Science

I ran a live webinar last week on fact-based selling, based on our accredited eLearning course (you can view the recorded version of the webinar here).  It prompted me to write this week’s blog (and a few after this!), which is one of the areas where the science and art of category management meet:  the presentation.  The tendency in category management is to spend most of the time completing the analytics (after all, we are unbiased, objective and impartial, right?) and little …