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Understanding US Consumer Trends: Hispanic Americans and Baby Boomers

Hello, I am Tanya Pyshnov (of Clearly Research) and I am a new market research partner of Sue Nicholls (of Category Management Knowledge Group).    I am happy to join your category management community and hope to provide helpful market research perspective on various topics.  Today’s topic is on “consumer trends”.

Trends can emerge as the result of consumer behaviour or can be a demographic or ethnographic population trend.  Both are important to marketers and retailers as they …

How to achieve success in category management “innovation”

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InnovationHave you ever been involved in the implementation of a new technology, data source or capability in your organization, only to have it fail, or take much longer to successfully launch than expected?  In category management, these “innovations” may include new software, data, tools, or capabilities.  Most innovation requires money, time, and resources, ultimately with the expectation of some type of return on investment (otherwise, why would you do it?).  Innovation also requires consideration of the “human factor”, …