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Measuring and fixing distribution gaps can lead to increased sales & profit!

A big opportunity for many retailers and suppliers is to “fix” their distribution on currently listed items – we spend so much time doing efficient assortment analysis, when sometimes the biggest and easiest opportunities lie within products already carried at the retailer!  Distribution data relates to the availability of the item across a specific geography.  There are two different options that you may have available in your data to measure the availability of items as a measure:

1.  % of stores carrying: 

Based on # of retail outlets, or store count, in the retail universe
Calculation:  # …

Fair Share Index (Are you using it correctly?)

Fair Share Index (FSI):
Fair Share Index

There is a great analytical technique used in category management called Fair Share Index or “FSI”, which will allow you to compare $ share to tactics shares (like share of shelf, share of ads, share of display, share of items).  But it’s also one that can commonly be misinterpreted.

FSI Measure:

Calculation:  Brand or Segment Tactic Share ÷  Brand or Segment $ Share

(Tactic share examples are “Share of Shelf”, “Share of Ads”, “Share of Items”, “Share of Display”, etc.).

Example:–       Segment #1 …

Category Assessment: All Commodity Volume (ACV) and Index vs ACV

All Commodity Volume:

All Commodity Volume is an important term to understand for both retailers and suppliers.  Simply put, All Commodity Volume (or “ACV” or “All Sales Volume”) is a sum of all category sales in a total store.  The categories that are included in the ACV definition depends on the channel composition (for example, is it the “Total Market” or “Grocery Channel” or “Drug Channel” or “Mass Channel”).  If you are unsure as to the categories that are included in the ACV number, you should check with your third party data provider.

ACV Measures:…

Happy New Year!

First of all, Happy New Year.  I hope that you had a safe, healthy and happy 2012, and wish you all the best in 2013!

It’s been awhile since I released a Category Management Series tip, or even written in my blog for that matter!  Well, my New Year’s resolution is to get back into blogging, but in a different way than before.  We have developed a brand new webinar platform for 2013, which includes both paid and free live webinars that tie in with some of our …