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Category Management Series Tip #12: Space Management: Is It Just For Space Management “Tekkies”?

Do sales, marketing and category management professionals need to more strategically understand the shelf, or should it be left to space management professionals, shelf analysts and  planogrammers?    Unfortunately, many marketing, sales and category management professionals think space management is not really their concern. Leave it for the “shelving experts”, right? Wrong!

In this tip, I walk a few basics about space management that will hopefully entice you to want to learn more (if you don’t already know). Not from a technical perspective, but from a strategic perspective. If you are involved with innovation, category …

Category Management Series Tip #11: The Science and Art of Efficient Assortment

SKU rationalization has been a big initiative for many retailers across the globe.  There have been multiple studies over the past decade that show that reductions in assortment do not necessarily reduce customer visits to the store, and and sales may remain stable.  Many retailers have taken this to heart, and have already, or are currently, dramatically reducing assortments across categories by eliminating underperforming brands and items.  And some are realizing they may have gone too far with their reductions, and are bringing items back in.

So what’s the problem?  …

Category Management Series Tip #10: Creating a Compelling Bubble Chart

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My Category Management Knowledge Group team has had the fantastic opportunity of all working together at team meetings in Banff, Canada (one of the most beautiful places in the world!).  No time for skiing, but we do have time to enjoy the beautiful scenery outside our hotel windows.

This week’s category management tip switches gear from my previous tips, and gets more into some technical training.  Creating charts that tell a story turn category management from a science into an art. Bubble charts are a great way to dimensionalize business results based …

Category Management Series Tip #9: How To Use And Understand All Commodity Volume (ACV)

Wow, it’s already March!  This has truly been the mildest winter I think we’ve ever had in Calgary.  But for those of you who like skiing, Lake Louise and Sunshine resorts are just an hour’s drive away, with some of the best skiing around!

Last week my category management tip focused on “Index” and how you need to correctly interpret an index that is over or under 100 (and that you can’t apply a “good” or “bad” or “overdeveloped” or “underdeveloped” label on the numbers at the surface).  One of the “index” …